Scrapbook is a way of preserving your old fragile memories, displaying your new learnt art, or just collecting items for personal hobbies. Scrapbook creation requires you to analyze and find the best solution for fitting your budget and mind. First of all you need to find a new book or a diary which you can turn in to your scrap book. The notebook size must itself depend upon the theme. If you are planning to roll out a book for family photos, be sure to have a notebook at least an inch larger than the size of largest photo you possess.

Preparation of the outer cover follows the previous step. Always think of this saying the sharpness of a knife is not determined by its sheath. Try to keep it lucid and also as simple as possible. Try to give useful labels. For example, if you are preparing a book for memorable moments with your family try sticking a group photo at its cover. Never forget the fact you can always test, improve and innovate. All you need to do is to just sit and think for a while before starting it.

The beauty of scrapbook lies in the eyes of its creator. Be original and enigmatic in your thoughts. The inside of your scrapbook must be as attractive as your cover. Try giving backgrounds colors and design which are in context to your scrapbook. If you are sticking out leaves it would be great if you have a light background with spray work. Try to provide explanation for each entry that you stick. This will make your scrapbook self explanatory and would not require your presence to explain each and everything. Never forget the golden rule to experiment improvise and innovate.

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