What is webkinz??? They are stuffed animals which were launched by Ganz Company a couple of years ago. They were mainly targeted at children of the age group of 5-13. These are not the usual toys that we come across but they have a 8bit code in them that would allow them to access a website, allow them to have a virtual version of their own pets.

In this virtual world, the users can play online games, win exciting contests and earn money (again virtual) which can be used by them to purchase food, clothing, outdoor area for their pets, etc. The virtual world also contains many rare or exclusive items. Some of these items require developing a friendship with the owner of the Curio Shop to purchase, while others you get for registering other Webkinz accessories you purchase in the real world. The site offers a special food for each pet and at the starting of each month one of the pets will be announced as “THE PET OF THE MONTH”. If someone enrolls himself to an announced pet, he has the chances of winning many exciting gifts. Many of the other tasks in Webkinz World involve collecting items. For example, mining of gems, using the same to form a crown, buying exclusive items and finding out the webkinz secret recipes and so on.

Webkinz secret recipes is one of the most sought challenges. This challenge involves a picture of the recipe from which the ingredients and the procedure involved in its preparation need to be figured out. Although webkinz provides enough entertainment, some parents feel their children get them addicted to the game. The site which was once ad-free, soon started to carry ads of movies. Parents were hence reluctant to permit their children to use this site often. But despite some of these disadvantages, the fact remains that webkinz definitely created a revolution in the world of online gaming.


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