Newborn Nursing Tips

Nursing care for the newborn is a tedious and critical job especially for the first-child mother. I am here to offer you some tips about the newborn nursing.
Breastfeeding should come first in our discussion on newborn nursing. Baby has to be given demand feed that means when the baby will be hungry you have to breastfeed the baby. Only after six weeks a baby needs timely feeding, the cycle should be 3-4 hours depending upon the weight of the baby.

Breastfeeding session that is less than 10 minute or goes beyond 40 minutes indicate a problem either with the mother or the baby can’t such enough milk through the suckling process. If this problem persists, better to consult a neonatologist.

If the baby sucks all the milk of one breast and still hungry, switch to the other, never switch in between so as to comfort yourself. It breaks the suckling process and baby stops feeding. After a feeding session and when the next feeding is due, start with the opposite breast. This is better as the composition of the milk available is different and the foremilk is beneficial for the brain development.

When the baby falls asleep or removes himself from the breast, you can be sure that the baby has taken the required amount of milk and he is not hungry anymore. Hoping this simple tips could help you to care your baby and will try to give you another tips on newborn nursing.


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