Birth Announcements Wording Ideas

Are you going to let the world know about the newcomer in your family and you are in the quest for some good ideas for the birth announcements? Well, you have landed in the right page. Here I shall give you some idea how to write a birth announcement for the persons closed to your heart.

Getting prepared for the arrival of a baby is really tiring, but you have to be very careful in writing a birth announcement. The exclusive birth announcement wording should be perfectly chosen so as to reflect the elegancy of the family. You can get the idea of the card from any reliable and compatible source like – nursery rhymes, folklore, fables, TV character, cartoon character or comic strip.

Put humor in it, it reflects the generosity and also makes the card interesting to read. If you can write poetry, strongly consider incorporating some of them, otherwise there are several website from where you can get an idea about how to write a birthday announcement poetry.

If you know the gender of the baby, make the theme of the card accordingly. Pink color goes well if the baby is a daughter and the blue or yellow color should be chosen if he is a boy.

You may create a photo birthday announcement card instead of making a dull looking text card and put little texts under this.


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One Response to “Birth Announcements Wording Ideas”

  1. corybwithoutane Says:

    If you can’t or don’t want to make your own, you can always find customizable birth announcements from a site like Photo Affections dot com or In a Baby Carriage dot com! Hope that helps as well!

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