Baby Ear Infection

Baby ear infection is caused by the development of bacteria in the passage of the ear. Normally the little amount of fluid that is present in the canal can destroy the bacteria. However, in case if there is much accumulation of bacteria (mostly gram positive), they rapidly grow and make the eardrum vulnerable.

Baby will not tell you about the ear infection, instead you have to discover the reality. Babies usually express their discomfort by crying for a long time. Sometimes they will point to the infected ear (both the ears may be infected at times), besides there may be fluid dribbling from the affected ear. In advanced cases of ear infection, there may be blood coming down the ear. There may be fever and the appetite will surely be decreased. Ear discharges are always foul smelling.

Never ever treat your baby on your own. Although most of the ear infections are self-limiting, it is always better take him to the nearest child specialist because ear infection can be fatal at times if the infection spreads to the brain. To offer some relief from the pain, you can breastfeed the baby or apply some hot fomentation over the eardrum, but never put any ear drop before consulting your doctor.

To prevent any ear infection of your baby, you must closely watch him/her while you give him a bathe. Water must not enter the ear passage. Use disinfected soft ear buds to clean the ear passage regularly.


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