How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?

Do you know How Much Sleep Do Babies Need? I just found an interesting question from a mom on yahoo answer that she really want to know the average how much sleep babies need from birth to a year. You could following this baby sleep discussion in this link .

There are some good answer on that baby sleep need question, and the best answer is provided by Mark’s Wifee. he recommend that mother to see a baby sleep chart from Birth to 3 years. You could go to this baby sleep chart too and bookmarked this site for your further reference. Please go to this link to see the chart.

And here are some good Videos which you could watch, these videos are all about baby sleep problem and solution. may be it could help you if you have a similar baby sleep problem like a mother above.

1. Baby and Toddler Sleep Solutions – Part 1

Video Description:

Tired of sleepless night? Try a sleep solution for your baby or toddler that works. Dawnn Whittaker of is a child sleep consultant that will help you have your baby or toddler sleeping through the night every night.

2. Baby and Toddler Sleep Solutions – Part 2

Video Description:

Baby Sleep Expert Dawnn Whittaker answers baby and toddler sleep questions from parents needing advice on how to get their children to bed and sleeping through the night.

3. No Cry Sleep Solution

4. How to Solve a Baby Sleep Problem

5. Baby Sleep Solution (Interview with Dr. Davis Ehrler, Postpartum Doula and Infant/Child Sleep Consultant on San Diego’s KUSI network.)

If you have another solution to solve baby sleep problem and if you have any tips and tricks about good baby sleep you could post your tips here.


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