Please do not Spanking Your Children?

Do you ever heard with this famous word “Spanking Children”? Spanking is a physical punishment using your open hand to your children’s body. This is one of parenting tactic which receive many pros and cons.

Many parents using this spanking children technique to give an “Education” to their children, but they do not know that this technique will leave more negative effect in the future rather than positive effect.

American Academy of Pediatrics said that spanking children is not effective for parenting method nowadays. Parents may leave this bad disciplinary method to educate our children. And many family advocacy groups agree with that.

Spanking our children considered could give bad mental and emotional in the future. And that’s not only short term effect but could give bad long term emotional effect to our children.

I have an experienced with that, my friend always “spanking” his child using his own hand when he found his child is crying a lot or do some mistakes. The child only could cry when he receive the “punishment” from his father. And several days later, his wife receive a report from her neighbor that her child now always “spanking” her neighbor’s Child that younger that her child. That’s a real effect of the “bad” parenting technique.

So, I think I will follow the people who cons with Spanking children parenting method to educate our children. And I will try hardly not to do spanking my children.


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