Free Printable Baby Shower Footprint Invitations

Do you plan to throw a baby shower party soon to celebrate the birth of your newborn baby? I am sure that you will need baby shower invitations for the party. You could either buy the invitations at the baby craft store or make it by yourself. But, why you must buy them if you could get it for free? :).

Where i could get printable baby shower invitation for free?

You could get the free baby shower invitations by visiting my old post, you could get 12 designs of baby shower invitations. The designs are really simple, and ready to print for free. Please click the next link to get free baby shower invitation.

Beside those simple 12 designs of invitations, you could try my new design of free baby shower invitation here. Please read the instruction there, because the format is not in PDF format but in JPG or Image format. You could get all of the details there.

And if those two resource of free invitations are not enough, I have try to make another design with a baby shower footprint invitation as a theme. These craft contain two footprint invitations design. I hope you like the design. Please “Right Click” and choose “Save Link As” the image below to get the free invitations in PDF format. And if you do not have Acrobat PDF reader, then you need to download it here, to open the file.

Free baby shower footprint invitations

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