Abbott Recall 2 Lots of Infant Formula

Calcilo XD Recalled by Abbott

Three days ago (30 May 2008), Abbott has announces voluntary worldwide recall of 2 Lots of Calcilo XD Low-Calcium/Vitamin D-Free Infant Formula with Iron Powder in 14.1-Ounce (400g) Cans. This type of infant formula, Carcilo XD, is used for nutrition support of infants with hypercalcemia when a low calcium, vitamin D-free formula is needed.

Abbott Nutrition of Columbus, Ohio, said that they recalled two lots of Calcilo XD because small amounts of air may have entered the can, resulting in product oxidation. A common sign of oxidation is an off aroma. The problem is isolated to these two lots of Calcilo XD Powder in 14.1-ounce (400g) cans.

They said that consumption of highly oxidized foods can cause gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. So, if you have purchased this kind of infant formula with lot numbers 39973RB or 47239RB6 you could see the number at the bottom of the Calcilo XD infant formula, or see the Photos Here). If parents have questions or concerns they should contact a health care professional. And to get more information about this infant formula recall, please contact the Abbott Nutrition company at: 1-800-638-6493.


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