Baby Boy Scrapbook Layouts

Baby Boy Scrapbook Layouts

Here are some tips that will help you in creating Baby Boy Scrapbook Layouts. These tips may prove to be useful for expecting mothers who already know the gender of their future offspring, or for mothers who already have a baby boy and would like to start a scrapbook specifically tailored for their cute little son.

  1. Use male-oriented colors or gender-neutral ones. In baby boy scrapbook layouts, the color theme of the entire book is the first thing that will be noticed and will set the tone for the entire reading experience. You wouldn’t want a girly color theme since that will make it seem embarrassing for your son. Examples of male oriented colors are blue and green. Examples of gender neutral (can work for boys and girls) are light blue and yellow.

  2. Use gender appropriate decors. Similar to the principle behind choosing male-oriented colors for your baby boy scrapbook layouts, an inappropriate décor could make your book embarrassing for your son. Don’t put any Barbie or My Little Pony Stickers instead of Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles stickers. If you don’t want aggressive role models such as them, there are cute, gender-neutral characters such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

  3. Decide on a theme and stick to it. Whether it’s a Dexter’s laboratory themed or a simple light blue with boat patterns, it would help tie the whole book together if you are consistent with your design choice. Continuity will make it flow naturally as if reading a good book.

  4. Avoid too much clutter. Designing your baby boy scrapbook layout with non-linear and oddly arranged elements is good but don’t overdo it. Putting too much clutter on every page will distract the reader and may take his or her attention away from the pictures. Try to balance things out. As a general rule of thumb, if you open a page and it took you longer than 3 seconds to notice the picture, you need to lessen the clutter in the layouts.

  5. Try to use heavy-duty paper. Standard paper can be fragile when under the stress of weight coming from the pictures and cutouts as well as the weakening of its makeup after being exposed to paste or glue. Some heavy duty paper will help combat these disadvantages with the added benefit that some thick papers have textured finishes, which could add to the general look of your design.

  6. Look at examples on websites. You don’t need to copy other people’s designs (in fact, it is advised not to do that), but it would help a lot if you can look at some of the best so that you will have enough inspiration to be creative yourself. Sometimes, there are even websites that offer customizable layouts for free, so that you can modify their base layouts and use the resulting design as your own.

With any luck, the above tips will help you create a nice looking scrapbook for your baby boy. All it takes is patience, a little bit of creativity and effort.


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