Baby Showers – Its Time to Celebrate!

So you and your hubby are expecting a cute little wonder in a few months’ time. That means it’s time to send out the baby shower invitations!

Baby showers can be a great way to celebrate the birth of the newest bundle of joy to be added to your family and it also has the benefit of strengthening the bond between the expecting parent and the friends and relatives that she has chosen to invite for the baby shower. At the very least, it will also benefit the parents since they may get useful baby shower gifts.

After deciding on a date for the baby shower, the hostess or the people setting it up should start making baby shower invitations. These can be very easy to make with a printer and any layouting software. Even the paint accessory that comes with every installation of Windows will do. The only thing worth remembering is that you need to to send the baby shower invitations in a timely manner. They should be sent at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance to guests who live nearby, and at least 2 to 3 months in advance for people who need to come from other states or countries. It is also important that the guests know how to get to the venue so a map should be included in the baby shower invitations.

If you’re going to invite more than 5 people, the baby shower should be planned and organized in everything from the baby shower invitations right up to the seating of the guests. For example, if there are guests who don’t know each other, try not to seat them next to each other to prevent awkward conversations. At least make sure that they have a common acquaintance or interest. The hosts should also entertain everybody and roam around the venue. If the hostess is the expecting mother, this kind of activity may be too much so a friend or a family member should assist her.

While the expecting mother is supposed to receive all the gifts herself, she should not walk around carrying bulky items so she needs to remain in a place while other guests or relatives gather the gifts and bring it to her for opening.

When buying or making the giveaways, keep the estimated number of guests or attendees in mind, and produce a little bit of extra in case more guests arrive. It is almost always better to have leftovers than to let other guests go home empty-handed (this could be rude and tends to make them feel like they are not as important as the ones who received a keepsake). Besides, having extra giveaways leftover means you can send them to the ones who were unable to attend or to keep some as a souvenir.

Last but not the least, a baby shower is intended to celebrate the birth of a new loved one and to let people have fun. Remember that while planning and organizing the event is essential, you also need to be versatile and adaptable enough so that you won’t have to sacrifice the guest and host’s enjoyment for the sake of sticking to what was originally planned.


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