Responsible Parenting in Modern Times

Responsible Parenting in Modern Times

The advent of the new millennium has brought with it a large number of technological achievements that have made people’s lives easier. Unfortunately, it has made our lives so easy that it became second nature to delegate most tedious and manual tasks to machines and equipment, which is not a bad thing except in cases where even parental responsibility falls by the wayside to make way for automation and manageability. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs. Some may not consider them professional, but definitely, the world would be a better place with responsible parenting.

Nowadays parents have chosen to pursue their own interests or career improvements while leaving their children to entertain themselves with the TV, computers or various automated toys that require no adult presence. While there are exceptions, this can be a negative thing for the children as they are left to decide whether the things they see or experience are good or bad, and without any parental responsibility, children could easily get access to information that is only meant for adults who already know how to differentiate right from wrong.

There are different ways of parenting. Parents don’t need to be around all the time or to refuse to allow their children access to modern entertainment technology, but it is very important for them to check on their children from time to time in order to get an idea of what their kids are exposed to, so that they can provide guidance and wisdom instead of censorship. In a sense, parental responsibility is not about controlling every single aspect of your children’s lives and decisions, but teaching your children how to differentiate between right and wrong, so that they can choose the right path on their own.

Innovations in technology can make or break one’s parenting. Most forms of entertainment media these days have a regulating body that decides whether an item is appropriate for certain age groups, but they are only designed to aid parents in exercising their parental responsibility, and not as a replacement. Even the strictest regulating commission is not enough and kids still sometimes gain access to material intended for adults. This is a very common case and it requires the presence of the guardian so that he or she can explain to the kid that all the negative things he has seen is only meant to tell a story or to entertain, and should not be imitated nor misconstrued as socially acceptable.

Another area in which parental responsibility has become passé is in the area of raising the children. It is very common these days for both parents to maintain 9 to 5 jobs and just leave their kids to a nanny or a relative. This is certainly a bad idea, as children need the presence of their parents to form and nurture the appropriate parent-kid relationship. Without these familial bonds, the kids may develop their own skewed sense of parental responsibility and carry it with them until they bear kids of their own.

Parenting in these modern times may benefit greatly from all the technological advances in society, and may let parents do their duties with less effort but they should take care not to simplify the duties and obligations too much that they end up removing themselves from the picture. The entire concept of having a family rests largely on the presence of both the child and the parents, and the absence of one means that the societal unit has failed its purpose.


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2 Responses to “Responsible Parenting in Modern Times”

  1. mark Says:

    I totally agree with you. Most parents these days are exactly like you have talked about, really busy, trying to advance their careers and overall just not spending as much time with their kids on the whole. Thinking back this all started when sesame street came out lol.

  2. Goonie Says:

    Yes Mark, sometimes we think that make more money every day will make our family will always happy. But we must understand that our kids “need Us” as a parent, as a friend, as a brother or sister so they could share their experience and the new thing they have learn every day. I hope this article could remind us as a a parent to balance their life, career and family.


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