Blocked Tear Duct in Babies

Blocked Tear Duct in Babies

Hi new Mom and Pop, congratulation for your newborn baby. For you all of new parent who have no experience with baby eye problem, especially pink eye problem, you could read previous articles here which have talk much about Pink Eye Baby and Natural Pink Eye Drops use in Babies. One other baby eye problem could be occur in babies beside pink eye baby is blocked tear duct.

What is Blocked Tear duct? And how to deal with blocked tear duct when it happen to our babies? Below you will found the answer from some details resources from baby expert who talk about blocked tear duct in baby.

Any parents who’ve treated a blocked tear duct in a newborn?:”My 12-day old son had his first doctor visit yesterday and all was well, except for his loud cries while being poked and prodded. A few hours later, his eye swelled and reddeded a bit and white/yellow discharge started coming out. This has been going on since yesterday afternoon. I called his doctor and was instructed to keep it clean and massage the duct, and they would check it next week when he goes for weight check. They told me not to worry but how can I not? It looks so uncomfortable! Any tips, or anyone succssfully treated blocked ducts? Are there any red flags I should keep an eye out for? Should I demand he be seen by the doctor, even though they don’t feel he needs to be seen?”

Blocked Tear Ducts:”Plugged tear ducts occur in 6 percent of all babies and can be a problem up to one year of age. It can affect one or both eyes. By three to four weeks of age a newborns’ eyes begin to tear. Normally, tears drain from the tiny tear ducts located at the inside corners of the eyes into the nose. A thin membrane covers the duct, and usually opens after birth. The blockage occurs when the membrane fails to fully open, and tears become backed up. The condition can recur, though usually by six month of age the duct stays open. In standard medical practice, persistent conditions are treated with a minor office procedure using a wire probe, however, some may require surgery. Common symptoms of blocked tear ducts range from persistent tearing and can lead to infection with redness and discharge.”

What causes the blocked tear duct?:”The cause is a delay in the opening of the tear duct. This duct is the tiny tube that leads from the inner corner of the eye to inside the nose. Normal eyes constantly make tears to keep the eye moist. Tears normally drain down the tear duct into the nose. Eyes can become watery either because you make too many tears (for example crying), or because the tear duct is blocked.”

How is blocked tear duct treated?:”The primary treatment is gentle cleansing of the lids with a warm wet washcloth. Use a clean portion of the washcloth with each pass. This may be accompanied by a regimen of gentle nasolacrimal duct massage, usually 2 or 3 times a day. With a clean finger, simply rub the area between the inside corner of the eye and the bridge of the nose. Occasionally symptoms persist beyond one year of age. If they do, probing of the duct by a pediatric ophthalmologist is indicated.
Sometimes eye drops are needed if an infection is beginning.”


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