Good Parenting is…

What is Good Parenting?

Good Parenting is…

I was told that a man only has three things to do in his life: write and publish literature, write music, and father a son. I have done one of the three. I was wondering, though, what would happen to the others who are completely devoid of literary and musical talents? Can they compensate the other two by fathering three sons? Just kidding. Anyway, I am no parent yet. But I know how parenting can be pretty much challenging for the rest of someone’s life.

There is a saying that it is hard to parent a parent. Many teenagers and adolescents say this. And this also includes adults. I personally believe that all parents love their kids. But parenting is simply so subjective in terms of what should be right or wrong since we all deal with human behavior. I think some right and wrong methodologies of discipline are accepted based on existing community standards.

The other issue in good parenting is education. Some parents are not aware that their own behavior is not at all helpful in developing acceptable conduct for their kids. Many child psychologists frown on spanking. However, many parents are not aware of certain principles like redirection, positive reinforcement, and the reward type of classical conditioning.

To address this, government bodies should have campaigns to encourage parents to raise their child the right way based on what is scientifically studied and provided methodologies. Parenting is no joke. How you raise your child will determine what he will be once he grows up.

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