Autism in Babies vs Drinking Mother while Pregnant

Autism in Babies vs Drinking Mother while Pregnant

Today I have read a great news about the relationship of drinking mother while she was pregnant with autism in babies. This is a really bad news for every mother who love to drink alcohol.

If you are pregnant mother and you love to drink alcohol, you must think twice or more, because recent study showed that drink alcohol during pregnancy could risk your babies with autism.

Professional psychiatrist found that drinking during pregnancy could give our babies a bad condition which called foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and could cause autism in babies too. From the recent research suggest that autism in babies triggered by alcohol from drinking mother during pregnancy.

That autism in babies news reported that many mothers drink alcohol while pregnant (the Department of Health). They reported that in this week the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence will issue a new warning about the dangers of alcohol to babies.

A recent survey showed 8% of women aged 18 to 24 had consumed at least 35 units of alcohol, the equivalent of about 15 glasses of wine, during the previous week. Binge drinking among young women has resulted in the number of alcohol-related deaths in women aged 35 to 54 doubling between 1991 and 2005.

Earlier this year, the British Medical Association warned that the increase in alcohol consumption by young women will be reflected in a rise in drinking during pregnancy and, subsequently, will put more babies at risk of being damaged by alcohol while in the womb.

Please click the next link to read the complete story of autism in babies vs drinking mother while pregnant.

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