Hypnosis Parenting

Hypnosis Parenting

Do you ever heard about “hypnosis parenting”?If you do not heard this word before, you just like me. I know about hypnosis parenting after I saw one of parent TV show which talk about hypnosis parenting.

Hypnosis parenting is one method of parenting style. This method is quite new nowadays, with this method you could hypnotize your children to do their homework, their school task or their next life examination more easy. This is one of positive parenting method.

Below you will read a great secret of hypnosis and parenting method from Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor, Lisa Machenberg, C.Ht.

Hypnosis and Parenting
The Natural Partnership – Part I
by Lisa Machenberg
Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor

When I tell people that I am a Hypnotherapist who teaches Parenting Classes, the first question people ask is, “Can you show me how to hypnotize my kids to do their homework, clean their rooms, and go to bed?” The answer to this question and those like it is an overwhelming “yes!” I also show parents how to use self-hypnosis to be calm in any parenting situation so they can be the mom or dad they have always wanted to be.

So what are the secrets of hypnotizing your own kids? Well, you already know a few of them. Another word for hypnosis is suggestibility. Your children are already naturally suggestible to you. From the earliest months, children imitate their parents facial expressions and mirror their moods. Every parent knows that if you look a five month old baby in the eye and smile, that baby will automatically smile back. It is called the “Smile Reflex” because it is virtually universal. The same basic principle applies to older children, as well. If you want a toddler to wear a hat at the park, have mom and dad wear a hat, and the youngster will demand one, too! This idea gets more complex, (and challenging) as kids get older. For example, lets say your goal is to help your child to limit “impulse buying” at the store. Well, the next time you go to buy a gift for someone else, don’t buy something for yourself on impulse, at least not while your with the kids!

Other ideas for hypnotizing your children (having them be more suggestible to you) are easy and very effective. First, stop. Put your hand on the child’s shoulder, look directly in his/her eyes and give directions as statements, not questions. For example, you can say, “John, it is now time for you to take out the garbage, please.” This is more effective than, “Can you take out the garbage now?” Want to increase the chances that John will do it the first time you ask? Simply nod your head up and down in a “yes” motion as you give your direction, and you will notice John nodding back!

You can also use hypnosis to help your child with sleep issues, nervousness about school presentations and help him or her improve sports performance. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child before bedtime. Right before he/she goes to bed, have your child close his/her eyes and get comfy and cozy under the covers. Then simply tell your child a wonderful story about succeeding in whatever the challenge he/she is facing. Remember, use positive images, like “Once there was a little girl who could sleep comfortably all through the night.” This is much better than negative images like, “Once there was a little girl who did not get up and bother her mom in the middle of the night.”

Next time: Part 2: Self-Hypnosis for Parents

Please go to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute for next information about hypnosis parenting.


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