Cheap Baby Cribs

Cheap Baby Cribs

Congratulations for being a new happy parent. Have you repare a baby crib bedding for your little baby?if you are part of parent who want to give a crib bedding for your baby and you want to get an information about buying cheap baby cribs, you have come to the right place. Here you will get the secret how to get a new baby cribs with a low price. You do not have to buy used baby cribs to get cheap baby cribs. Continue to read the rest of the article here.

There are many baby cribs to choose from and they don’t have to be expensive either. A cheap baby cribs can still look very nice. Robin OBrien will share his secret on how to get cheap baby cribs. You will get a new (not used) baby cribs with the low price. Read them all below.

Cheap Baby Cribs
By Robin OBrien

You don’t have to scour the classifieds looking for used cheap baby cribs. Instead, you can buy a brand new cheap one from manufacturers like Angel Line, Storkcraft and DaVinci cribs. Both These brands, as well as others, come in many beautiful styles with many safety features as standard.

Buying a used crib for your baby can be risky, especially when buying from someone you don’t know. You won’t know the history of the crib, whether it was damaged or even if it was a model that was recalled sometime in the past – there have been many recalls; Simplicity, Graco and Basset to name just three. All of these suffered serious design flaws that resulted in the injury and sometimes the death of a child. Thankfully, these companies all acted swiftly and mounted large publicity campaigns to inform anyone who had bought their products about the recall of their cribs.

Can you be 100% sure that when you buy a used baby crib that it was not the subject of a recall?

Even if it wasn’t recalled, it may be an old model that no longer adheres to today’s safety guidelines.

You are definitely better off buying a new cheap baby crib rather than a second hand one. All baby cribs sold in the US have to meet certain safety requirements, such as lead free, non-toxic paint; spacing regulations between slats and spindles; and solid end panels without cutouts.

If you do buy a cheap one, make sure it has a Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification. Both Storkcraft and Davinci have JPMA certification so you can rest assured that their cheap baby cribs are as safe as the most expensive on the market.

And you don’t have to sacrifice style either when you buy a cheap crib. Take a look at the Jenny Lind crib from DaVinci – you can buy one for as little as $200. It’s a timeless classic with a very simple design of turned, or ‘knobbly’, spindles. Many manufacturers make a Jenny Lind but some will charge a premium for what is a crib of very simple design. Why pay the extra?

If the Jenny Lind is too expensive, take a look at the DaVinci Sytems Alpha crib. This is a simple but lovely cheap baby crib that has hand-and-knee release to lower the drop side, castor wheels and can be converted to a toddler bed so you’ll get many years service out of it; all for around $150.

The Storkcraft Baby Rochester Crib is of very elegant design – something you would associate with a more expensive brand. And, your child can use it for many years as it can be converted into a day bed or a double bed. You also get a storage drawer underneath, castor wheels and there are three mattress positions. You can buy it for as little as $180.

The above is just a small sampling of the cheap baby cribs you can find online. Incidentally, many large retailers now sell discount baby cribs online so you should definitely get on the web and start searching for them.

There’s no need to buy a used baby crib. There are so many retailers selling so many brands that there is a large choice of cheap baby cribs; just do a little research before you buy.

Follow the links for the Jenny Lind crib as well as other cheap baby cribs like the Babi Italia crib.

I hope you get the key point to get a new and cheap baby cribs from the artcle above. Read again twice if you think you have lost the secrets to get cheap baby cribs.

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