Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

A party isn’t a party without cake, and a baby shower is no exception. In fact, when it comes to baby shower diaper cake, women get so creative that they have stretched across all boundaries and have even invented diaper cakes. Whether you choose edibles cakes or practical baby shower diaper cake, one thing is certain, women must have cake.

There really isn’t any reason why you can’t have both an edible and a diaper cake. If you aren’t familiar with diaper cakes, they are very creative cakes that are made from baby diapers that have been rolled, tied with a bow, and then arranged in a manner that forms a cake. The structure or form for the diaper cake may be made from cardboard or Styrofoam and the cake is decorated with other items that mom and dad will need. Sometimes, there is no base for the diaper cake and they are held together with beautiful ribbons or even receiving blankets. If you’ve never seen a diaper cake you will want to view some first hand. You’ll be amazed at how realistic they look and you may mistake them for an edible cake at first. Since their arrival, diaper cakes have become increasingly popular at baby showers and they can be hand crafted or purchased. One thing that showcases the beauty of diaper cakes is to use them as centerpieces during the baby shower.

If you are going to have an edible baby shower cake you may want to pay close attention to your baby shower theme. The cake is often the main focal point during the baby shower and you will want to ensure that the cake you choose is splendid. baby shower diaper cake don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. However, if you don’t feel confident in baking your own, you may want to hire a professional. Yet, many women are amazed to discover that they can easily and simply create their own baby shower diaper cake. In fact, even women with minimal baking experience have made beautiful baby shower diaper cake. Just take the time to practice baking and decorating several cakes before the planned event, typically two to three months before the baby is due, and you’ll have a better idea as to whether or not you are up for the job. Surprisingly enough, many women find that it is much simpler to create diaper cakes than traditional baby shower diaper cake and this has led to their popularity.

If you would like to create your own baby shower diaper cake, you will need roughly forty to sixty medium sized diapers for a three-tier cake. Roll the diapers and secure them with either curled ribbon or a rubber band. You will then wrap the rolled diapers with tulle or ribbon, making sure to secure the layers tightly. You can intersperse other items in between the rows of diapers. Baby facecloths, rolled towels, and rolled receiving blankets all make wonderful additions to your diaper cake. If you want to create a beautiful tiered cake, you can use a platter for the base of the cake. When you have arranged the rolled diapers in a circle and secured them with the ribbon, you will assemble them in layers. If you like, you can use a baby bottle, or stuffed animal that compliments your theme for the very top of your cake. A general rule of thumb would be to use about thirty rolled diapers for the bottom layer, abut seventeen diapers for the middle layer, and about eight diapers for the top layer. Decorate the cake with any accessories that you choose and secure all layers with a beautiful ribbon.


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