Very Unique Names for Baby Girls

Very Unique Names for Baby Girls

Expecting new baby soon?Do you have prepare the best name for your newborn baby?What is your expecting baby gender?If you want to know your baby gender before he/she is born, you could check first my Gender Predictor article in this site. Here i will share you a good article which talk about how to pick the right baby name for your baby girl. You will get a very unique names for baby girls.

This unique name is for baby girl only, for you that expecting baby boy, you could try these baby names articles:
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And for you that expecting baby girl and want to give her the best and very unique baby girl names, please read carefully from the articles below:

Unique Baby Names for Girls
By Patty Hone

When you are trying to pick the right baby name it can be very time consuming looking through baby names’ lists and weeding through all the names. You want a unique name for your baby girl but you don’t want it to be bizarre or outrageous. For some couples the right name comes to them easily. Yet for others, especially those looking for a more original name, it can be overwhelming, after all there are thousands of names to choose from. Here is a list of some unique names for baby girls and their meanings. These names are creative but still pretty.

Unique Girls Names:

Audrey (English) means noble or strong. Famous people with this name include Audrey Hepburn or Audrey Wells. Other variations of the name Audrey include Audra, Audelia, Audene, Audessa., Audrielle and Audrina.<

Babette (French) means stranger or lovely. A variation of this name is Barbette. Nicknames that go with Babette include Babe, Baby, or Ettie.

Chloe (Greek) means blooming. Chloe Webb and Chloe Sevigny are two actresses with this name. Some other variations include Cloe, Kloe, Cloey, or Clorinda.

Flora (Latin) means flower. Saint Flora was martyred in 851.

Jacelyn (English) Other names include Jaceyln include Jocelyn, Joselyn, Jacinda or Jacey.

Leyna (German) means little angel. Other possible names include Lena, Leana, Leena, or Leila

Natalie (Latin) means birthday or child born on Christmas. Famous people with the name Natalie include Natelie Wood and Natelie Cole. Other spellings and variations of the name Natalie include Nataleigh, Natalina, Natalia and Natalya.

Ophelia (Greek) means useful or wise. Other variations of the name include Ofelia, Ophelya, or Felia.

Rhiannon (Welsh) means a mythical nymph. Rhianon was a popular Stevie Nicks’ song. Other variations include Reannon, Rheanna, Rianne, Rianna, or Rhyan.

Sadie (Hebrew) means princess. Other variations of the name Sadie include Sadee, Saida, Sadiegh, or Sade.

Virginia (Latin) means chaste or maiden. Famous for the state named Virginia. Famous people with this name include Virginia Wolf and Virginia Dare. Nicknames and variations include Virginnia, Ginny, Ginger, or Ginni.

These are just a few unique baby names for girls. Picking a creative name for your baby may take some time. You may end up going back to some of the names that were popular generations ago but are not so popular now. Take some time to jot down your favorite names and hopefully before your baby arrives you will find just the right one for her.

Patty Hone is a mom of four children and the co-founder of For more unique baby name ideas visit Justmommies Baby Names database at

I hope that article could help you to find a very unique baby names for your baby girls. And, Congratulation for your newborn baby girl.


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