Ear Infections in Infants – How to Prevent That?

Ear Infections in Infants – How to Prevent That?

I never know before that there is a infant disease called ear infections. When i do a little research on this kind of infant disease, I found that ear infections in infants is one of danger disease in infant.

What are ear infections in infants?
Dr Greene said on his website that infant ear infections are:”Ear infections come in several varieties. Most people use the phrase “ear infection” to refer to otitis media, an inflammation of the middle ear behind the eardrum.
Otitis media with effusion (OME) is the name for fluid in the middle ear without other symptoms. Children with OME act as if they feel well. Because it is often discovered on routine well-child checks, it is sometimes called silent otitis media.
Acute otitis media (AOM) refers to fluid in the middle ear accompanied by signs or symptoms of an ear infection, such as pain, redness, or a bulging eardrum. Children with AOM act sick (especially at night) and often have fevers.
When children are taken to the doctor because they seem to have an ear infection, the visit is about AOM. This article is also about AOM.”

Could you prevent ear infections in infants so you could avoid on antibiotic injections or surgery?
I found a really interesting article which share you her tips on preventing ear infections in infants at yiour home (Home remedy), please read carefully from the article tips below, may be it could help you later if you found ear infection in your baby.
Nine Steps to Preventing Ear Infections – Ear Infection Home Remedy
By Shin Xi On

If your child has had several ear infections already, or you simply wish to lower your baby’s risk of getting them in their early years, here are some ways to prevent or at least lessen the frequency and severity of ear infections:

(1) Breast milk is best. Medical literature going back decades supports that prolonged feeding of breast milk lowers your child’s chances of getting ear infections.

(2) Child care setting. It is obvious that exposing your child to many other small children increases the likelihood that your child will contract colds, viruses and consequently more ear infections. Especially in locations where your child is indoors most of the time, this is a bacteria factory. If at all possible, find a home daycare setting that limits the amount of children enrolled.

(3) Allergies. If you think allergies are contributing to your child’s runny nose and, consequently, ear infections, see an alternative health care provider who specializes in targeting and controlling your child’s allergies. If you suspect allergies are a problem, but have not yet set up testing to determine the causes, do so sooner than later.

(4) Irrigate your child’s nose. If your baby has a stuffed up nose, chances are so are his or her sinus and ear canals. Once left to fill up with fluid and mucus, the bacteria infest the space and multiply like crazy. A way to reduce this is the irrigate your child’s nose with a bulb syringe. Take 8 oz of warm water and 1/2 tsp. of salt to create a saline solution. Fill the syringe and gently flush both nasal passages of the child. Allow the child to blow out the solution into a sink (do not ingest) to get all of the mucus out of their tiny nasal cavities. This will bring relief to their breathing as well as cleanse the area to reduce bacterial growth.

(5) Eating upright. Milk can cause irritation to the Eustachian tube in the inner ear while lying down. This can cause more severe ear infections. When the child has a cold or flu, try to eliminate all dairy products (provided you have stopped nursing). If the baby is on formula and your health care provider approves, switch to soy formula during the 10-15 days the child is sick to reduce mucus production. Dairy increases mucus in the system and bacteria grow more heavily when mucus is present.

(6) Airborne pathogens. High VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emitting products like paint, cigarette smoke, and toxic household chemicals can lead to breathing dysfunctions. There is medical research evidence to suggest that these dysfunctions can cause ear infections.

(7) Lemon Juice. Using a few drops of pure lemon juice in the ear can re-balance the pH in the ear and create an environment in which bacteria cannot survive. Allow the child to lay on the opposite side so the lemon juice has time to work. Pain or discomfort associated with ear infections is usually reported gone within 8-24 hours of using this home remedy.

(8) Chiropractic care – studies suggest that chiropractic adjustments to the skull and neck can improve middle ear drainage and decrease ear infections.

(9) Eat more raw fruits and vegetables. Eating whole, raw food can greatly boost your child’s immune system and help fight off all infections. Eat organic when you can afford it and choose to serve it raw over cooked. Cooking food destroys the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that build the body’s immune system and assist in reducing overall inflammation in the body. If you have a picky eater, read more on how Juice Plus can provide this nutrition for your child by going to: http://www.jplusforme.com.

For more information on regaining your health, read more at: http://www.jplusforme.com

I hope you’re never found ear infections in your infants forever, but if that happen to you, I hope you could handle it with better by reading the tips on preventiong ear infections in infants above.

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