Regis Kelly Baby Contest-Top 5 Finalists 2008

Regis Kelly Baby Contest-Top 5 Finalists 2008

Baby Contest 2008 Winner

Update 02/16/2008= Live’s Beautiful Baby 2008 have been announced, and The winner of Regis and Kelly Baby Contest 2008 is Ella Segars From Austin. She has been won A cover Model of famous Parenting Magazine and the Grant Prize:$125 K toward a college educations.Congratulations Ella, Please Click here to Meet her.

The Regis and Kelly baby contest 2008 will end shortly, for the next 3 days they will found the Winner because The 10 semi-finalists have been voted and dropped to only top 5 finalists of this great beautiful baby week contest. They will fly to New York and go Live with Regis and Kelly to Compete each others and won the Grant Prize USD $125000 toward a college education and appearing on the front cover of Parenting magazine.

Here are they Top Five of Regis & Kelly beautiful baby search contest Finalists:

Regis Kelly baby Contest 2008 Finalists

You could meet them by going to their beautiful baby week contest front page, and see at the middle left of the page, you will see a video slide which contain the finalists photos and descriptions, just click it and watch them.

Meet Regis Kelly baby contest finalists

You could watch them in action at the TV. They Will Live with Regis and Kelly airs locally at 9 a.m. weekdays on WZZM-TV (Channel 13). I really want to watch this live baby contest, but I don’t live in USA (New York) could you anyone here who watch that baby contest could share the recorded Video of that contest?if could, I will upload here, so Anyone in the world could Watch this big baby contest 2008 without going to new York. You could leave your comment here, or by contact me at the top page above. many Thanks.


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