Baby With Diarrhea – How to Treat That?

Baby With Diarrhea

When do you know that your beloved baby got diarrhea?
If you found that your baby’s poops frequency are increase three or three times than usual, and you see that the baby’s stool are looks firmer and contain many liquids form, your baby may have got diarrhea.

How to care and treatment the baby with diarrhea?
When my baby got diarrhea I will try to give him a lot of drinks to avoid dehydration. Because the most danger from baby diarrhea which causes many baby death from diarrhea disease is dehydration, they have lost too many liquids from their body when they got diarrhea.

My pediatrician told me that baby with diarrhea will lost many of their liquids and need much drinks from outside, do not give them a green vegetables or hard food, and try to change your formula milk from cow milk to soy milk, because the baby’s stomach have been sick because of baby diarrhea, the baby’s stomach could not work as usual so their stomach is not strong enough to eat that kind of foods.

If the baby diarrhea problem is going worst they need to care in hospital to safe the baby’s life. So if you found that you could not handle the baby diarrhea problem anymore, please immediately go to the hospital to get more help for your baby.


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