Infant Circumcision – The Circumcision Surgery Procedure

Infant Circumcision – The Circumcision Surgery Procedure

This post about infant circumcision is a repercussion of the pros and cons of newborn circumcision before. At that first post on infant circumcision, most comments are said that they are cons with infant circumcision, How about You?

TLC Tugger said that:”100% of cut males suffer the loss of over half their sensual nerve endings. Circumcision also eliminates protection for the glans and the natural (and awesome) rolling/ gliding mode of stimulation from the slinking around of the slack skin.”

Joeliferous said that:you aren’t supposed to EVER pull back a baby’s foreskin, because its actually bonded to the head of the penis the way fingernails are attached to your fingers. forcibly retracting it can cause scarring that will later lead to true phimosis, so you have to be careful not to pull it back too soon, it separates at different times for all for the inner foreskin being incredibly sensitive.”

For you that really want to know more about infant circumcision procedure you could watch a routine infant circumcision video below:

This video is made for educational resource for healthcare professionals and parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about infant circumcision. Actual surgery on a baby done by a doctor in a hospital is shown, so viewer discretion is advised. More about this video can be found at the link above.

And if you are interested to learn whether foreskin has any purpose from a medical perspective, you may watch that video below:

This educational medical slideshow covers the development and functions of the prepuce(foreskin) from before birth through adulthood. There … all » are no moving images in this documentary, only still pictures and diagrams from medical journals. The terminology used while professional is not incomprehensible to a lay audience.

I hope those two videos could help you to know more on infant Circumcision.


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One Response to “Infant Circumcision – The Circumcision Surgery Procedure”

  1. Poor Says:

    hi! great site, and great info you provide.
    regarding circumcision, it has become quite a heated issue of late. this website,, is actually having a debate about circumcision between verified experts right now. you can see that here. interestingly, neonatal circumcision is actually on the way out in the united states. we’ll see what happens as time goes on.

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