Preemie Baby Clothes – Consider to Buy clothes from Organic Cotton

Preemie Baby Clothes – Consider to Buy clothes from Organic Cotton

Preemie baby or premature baby is a baby who born early before 37 weeks. Usually preemie babies have a very small/tiny size of their bodies. Premature baby need special baby clothes, they are really need to wear a specific baby clothes called premie baby clothes. This preemie clothes is designed specially for premature baby with very small until newborn size of the body.

Premie Baby clothes have some range of their sizes. The sizes of the preemie clothes could be begin from one pounders up to fitting into newborn sizes. Many of Moms who have no experience with premature baby difficult to find appropriate clothing in the correct sizes. The most difficult size to find is clothing that fit for micro preemie baby, the tiniest of preemie babies (1 to 3 pounds).

Where to get premie baby clothes which have complete selection of clothing?

One of great preemie baby clothes seller who offer a wide range of premie clothes sizes with less expensive price (compare to normal retail price) is Preemie Store You could buy your preemie baby clothes from Micro preemie, premie 3-5 lbs, and Large preemie/small newborn 5-9 lbs. This premie store supported by more than 45 manufacturers from Baby No Tag to Zutano. Another great preemie baby clothes store which offer wide range of clothes sizes are and

If you are really concern with your premature baby, in my opinion, you could consider to give organic cotton baby clothes for your premie baby. With premie clothes which made from 100% organic cotton could assures comfort and safety for your special preemie’s tender skin. Although this preemie clothes from organic cotton slightly expensive, it could give you more convidence to caring your premature baby.

Here are some preemie clothes store who offer baby clothes made from 100% organic cotton:

1. Sckoon Organic Cotton Preemie Baby Clothes

2. Organic Cotton One-Piece Baby Outfits, Preemie-24 mos

3. Organic Preemie Clothes

4. Preemie Organic Footie

5. Organic Cotton Preemie Footie

6. Organic Preemie Side-Snap Bodysuit

7. The Preemie kimono


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2 Responses to “Preemie Baby Clothes – Consider to Buy clothes from Organic Cotton”

  1. Baby Bethany Rose Says:

    You can also find a great selection of Preemie baby clothing at Baby Bethany Rose

  2. pagise Says:

    The first place I would go would be since they have a vast variety of preemie clothes. Great quality, fast and cheap shipping.

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