Infant Acid Reflux

Infant Acid Reflux

What is Infant Acid Reflux?

Infant Acid reflux, commonly called GastroEsophageal Reflux (GER), is a common disease in infant. Acid reflux in infants happens when Acid from the infant’s stomach flows up into the throat and it causes heartburn. This acid reflux trigger asthma and make it harder to treat. It could be occurs during or after meal of your infant.

How do we know that our infant got acid reflux?

You could know that your baby have got infant acid reflux disease by knowing the sign and symptoms of that disease. Here are some infant acid reflux symptoms: your infant is spitting, vomiting, coughing, got irritability, poor feeding, You found blood in the infant stools.

Commonly infant acid reflux happens to most of babies at their first until three month. And typically this acid reflux never come after they over one to two years old. If you found that your infant are spits or vomits, may be he has infant acid reflux/GER. And you need to find some acid reflux remedy or call your infant’s health care/doctor to coping with that disease.

For more information about infant acid reflux, please go to this great resources of Acid Reflux Information:

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