Introducing Newborn Baby SOLID FOOD – When?

Introducing your newborn baby solid food – When?

The common question of the parent when they have a newborn baby is when the right time to introduce our baby a solid food?
For parent who already had many children they will not ask that question, because they have passed that time when they have their first Child. For all new parent with no experience nursing a baby very common with that question, may be including you.

For you who need the best answer to that question, I will try to compile some great resources which could give you the best answer. Pediatric expert in many country including United States recommend parent to breastfeeding the newborn baby exclusively at least until 6 months old, because breast milk is the best food for baby. So until six months, you only need to breastfeed your baby and no need introducing your baby solid foods until this age. Firstly pediatric recommend to breastfeed our baby until 4 months old, but after scientific research, they have found that 6 month is the best time to introduce our newborn solid food, at this age, our baby metabolism system is ready to digest solid food.

Here are 10 best resources about introducing solid food to our baby. Read all of them before you make a decision to give a solid food to your newborn baby:

1. A parent’s Guide to Introducing Solid Food from Dr.Greene
2. Introducing Solid Food Charts, Best First Weaning Foods and Baby Solid Food Information (4 months until 12 months of your baby age)
3. Introducing solid foods (When,How and Where parent should introducing solid foods to baby)
4. Introducing Solid Food to Babies ( 4- 12 months old with some recipes suggestion)
5. Is Your Baby Ready For Solid Foods?
6. Try Avocado as a Great First Food for Baby!
7. Baby Food Allergies – How To Identify And Avoid Them
8. Top Tips for Weaning Your Baby
9. Feeding baby solid food for your 4 month baby
10. Baby Feeding ProblemRead this if you have a problem when you feeding your newborn.

Hoping those articles could make answer your question when you want to introducing baby solid food.

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