Free Baby Memory Book – Create an Exclusive and Free Baby memory book in minutes with 7 Simple Steps

Free Baby Memory Book – Create an Exclusive and Free Baby memory book in minutes with 7 Simple Steps

In my previous post about baby memory book, I have tell you about how easy and cheap way to get a book to memories the greatest moment of your newborn baby by making it by yourself. I am really interesting about this unique way to get huge saving our money on memory book.

I have found another way to create free baby memory book easily. You just prepare a quality paper to print the book design result after you make it using this way. And, What is your mean “this way”?

The way to create your own baby memory book for free is by using free service from MyAlbum Maker. Using this free online service, you could make your own baby memory book and print it in minutes. Awesome service!

I will try to give you some steps to use this service using snapshot serials in this page. But before you go to this service, prepare some of your baby photo memory file in your home computer or laptop. Keep all the files in one folder so you could use them easily. And do not forget to prepare a quality paper to print out the result later.

And see the steps below to create your own design Baby memory book:

1. Go to MyAlbum maker front page and Click Get Started in the Bottom Left Corner.

baby memory book - step 1

2. Choose one from the two options in the second page here: Snapshot Pages or Album pages. You could try one first and the second later.

baby memory book - step 2

3. Below is the sample if you decide to choose Album pages:There are 4 styles of album pages here, just select one of them. And at the right side you will see many themes of the album, if you want to make baby memory book, The baby theme is the appropriate one.

baby memory book - step 3

4. Here you must choose a page style and corner style, you could see the preview of the album at the left side.

baby memory book - step 4

5. After you have finished to select the album style, now is the time to fill your album with your baby photo. Choose the best of your baby photo memory to fill the album. Just follow the clear instruction at this step and upload the photo by clicking the “Add Photos” at the top right corner of this step.

baby memory book - step 5

6. After you add the photos, just close the window and Drag your baby photo from the right side to the Album page at the left side. After that, you could zoom, move, or rotate the photo to get the best view of your album.

baby memory book - step 6

7. Finish! and you are ready now to print it or email your new baby memory book.

baby memory book - step 7

Are You Ready now! Create your own design in minutes with 7 simple and easiest steps above using free online service from MyAlbumMaker right now.



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