TV Violence to AGGRESSION CHILD – Research Study

TV Violence to AGGRESSION CHILD – Research Study

Found interesting fresh news about Watching TV and the effect to Your Baby Boy but not for Your Baby Girl. This news come from deep research on hundred children.Must read for all parent:

Preschool boys who watch violent television become markedly more aggressive and anti-social as they grow older, according to a study by Seattle researchers in one of the largest examinations so far of such connections.

At the same time, girls appear impervious to the effects of television violence, a finding that has the researchers puzzled.

The study, which focused on years of data for 330 children around the nation, found that each hour of violent shows viewed per day by boys ages 2 to 4 increased their aggression threefold, as reported by their parents five years later. It adds to a large body of evidence that kids learn from what they watch, the study’s lead author said.

Read the full research on TV violence to aggression Child.



One Response to “TV Violence to AGGRESSION CHILD – Research Study”

  1. Dan Anton Says:

    I’m not sure how credible this study is, but if true it is interesting/weird that girls were not affected while boys got more aggressive per hour of T.V. watched. Guess its okay to let little girls become coach potatoes 😉

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