Baby Bumbo Seat

Why I ask you that silly question?

I ask You because a few days ago about 1 million baby bumbo seat have been recalled from their seller and retailers like Wall-Mart Store and Target Corp.
The Baby Bumbo Seat which produced by Bumbo International of South Africa being recalled because 28 reports of baby/toddler who fallen from the baby seat.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission(US CPSC) said that those baby/toddler fallen from the baby seat because the baby seat has not been placed in the proper place, the children fall from baby bumbo seat because the seat was placed on the table or other elevated surface.

The Baby Bumbo Seat owner said that accident should not be happen if all the consumer/parent read carefully the safety warning which included in their baby bumbo seat package. Like you can see in their official baby bumbo seat below:
Bumbo Baby seat Safety

So I think, this accident could happen because parent not aware with their baby safety. They do not read the safety warning from the baby bumbo seat product. I give the Bumbo Manufactur two Thumb Up, because they have make a quick respond with their baby bumbo seat safety by recall all of their baby seat product and make some modification and update the safety package of the seat.

If you are fan of Baby Bumbo Seat, let’s wait for the new update of their product and hoping that the new generation of baby bumbo seat will more safe to our children and make our baby always comfort and smile on their baby seat.

baby smile in Bumbo Seat

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4 Responses to “How Safe Your BABY BUMBO SEAT?”

  1. Dan Keeney Says:

    Thanks for the post about Bumbo Baby Seat safety. The new warnings and instructions should be going out soon. Parents should keep the Bumbo on the ground and always pay close attention to the baby when in the Bumbo. They can get out because it is not a restraint. Go to for more information. I am a representative of the manufacturer.

  2. Baby First Year Says:

    Thanks Dan for your information about the new warning and instruction from Baby Bumbo seat, please tell me by leaving comment here or Contact Me above if the update has been released. I will make a post or announcement in my baby blog to help you spread the word about Baby Bumbo Seat. Regards,


  3. Dan Keeney Says:

    Will do. It will probably be a couple weeks, as we’re also trying to get stickers and instructions out to all the retailers as well. Thanks!

  4. Dan Keeney Says:

    Latest developments: Bumbo has posted a new instructional video at to show parents how to use the product safely and how to apply the new warning label. Bumbo Baby Seats have also returned to the market with the updated warning, instructions and packaging. If it’s not back at the local retailer, you can order online at Posted by a representative of the manufacturer.

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