The recent research on Asthma in baby tell that baby who had a breathing problem when he birth could have a highly risk to get asthma. This research has been reported by Geir Haland and her groups at the University of Oslo in Norway.

They have been research on 802 healthy newborn baby and followed the up until 10 years.They focused on the lung function of the babies. Geir Haland and her researcher groups found that kids who had a breathing problem at birth have an asthma after they were 10.

You could read the detail of the research about asthma in baby here.



2 Responses to “ASTHMA in BABY”

  1. Costa Rica Real Estate Diva Says:

    This is a very nice and helpful information for all parents. My baby boy has an asthma too.

  2. Baby First Year Says:

    I’m Sorry to hear that, GBU and your baby. I am praying for your baby health.


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