Baby Gender Prediction

Predict our baby gender is always fun to me and may be its fun to you too, but the important thing you must know that the most accurate for baby gender prediction is using medical test like Ultrasound. The other methods will have less accurate for gender prediction, but you could use them just for fun and do not believe 100% to them because they will not give you 100% of accuracy on baby gender prediction.

I have made a baby gender prediction pool here for a month and 37 participants have been give their guess of baby gender for their next baby. 18 people predict that their new baby gender is Boy. 14 people predict their baby gender is girl, and 5 people do not know their baby gender.

Baby Gender Prediction Polling

Thank you very much for the all participants of my baby gender prediction polling, and This poll will be removed from my sidebar blog, and I will add new polling which related to our baby. If you have a consideration of the new baby polling, you could leave your comment here.

Baby Gender Selection

If you really like to know about baby gender prediction from various source, Below are some of great articles who talk about baby gender prediction. I hope you could find the best method after you read the articles below.

Popular Baby gender Prediction Articles:

  1. Free Baby Gender Prediction – Get 5 Best Methods – 7 Best Free Predictor
  2. If you are in a part of parent who really want to know your baby gender before they born, You can predict your baby gender with many free baby gender prediction methods or software in the market….

  3. Baby Gender Selection – 87% Success Rate
  4. Baby Choice is One of the company that offer natural baby gender prediction with the 87% success rate and you will get money back guarantee if you are not get success using their baby gender prediction….

  5. How to Predict your Baby Gender with Chinese Baby Calendar
  6. You can predict your baby gender boy or girl with Chinese baby calendar. with this Chinese baby calendar you could predict your baby gender with 95% Accuracy…

  7. Baby Gender Prediction Improved with Time of Intercourse and Baby Gender Prediction Improved with Time of Intercourse and Ovulation?
  8. How To Use Chinese Pregnancy Calendar To Predict Or Select Baby Gender…Although Chinese Pregnancy Calendar maintains 95% results for baby gender prediction, it is not the proven method for baby gender selection.
  9. Predicting Babies Gender With The Chinese Birth Calendar….Find out your babies gender with the Chinese Birth Calender at;. Chinese Birth Calendar. and. Chinese Birth Calendar – Gender Prediction
  10. Pregnancy Due Date: Many Ways To Calculate This Important Day….Accurate gender prediction was also common here. Today, the most utilized formula calculating the pregnancy due date involves adding the nine months from
  11. Can You Really Trust A Conception Chart?….Upon knowing the baby’s gender, most couples rush to the store to buy clothes Just like in a guessing game, finding out that the chart’s prediction is…
  12. Feng Shui Fertility — Six Ways to Create More “Baby Chi”…This is the feng shui that is related to gender and birthdate. True to his prediction – and after nine infertile years of marriage – Lillian’s daughter
  13. Effect of Gender on Smoking Relapse….Still, it is unclear whether gender influences the occurrence on relapse on smoking Prediction of relapse was assessed by intention, utilization of

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