NEW Baby Monitor – Great revolution from UCD

NEW Baby Monitor – Great revolution from UCD

I have tell you in my previous post about the important of baby monitor for our baby safety. with baby monitor we could always monitor our baby if we want to left our baby alone in his room. The brand of the monitor is not important, but you could choose Sony baby monitor or Tomy baby monitor, its up to you.

The thing you must give high attention to the baby monitor is the function of the monitor to keep our baby safe. I have a good news which come from University College Dublin (UCD, they have found a new invention on baby monitor which will be on market this late spring.

This revolutionary baby monitor not only record our baby sound but could monitor our baby breathing too, its amazing.They claimed that this baby monitor could help to force the risk of cot death of our baby. If our baby stop breathing, this baby monitor will known, and the alarm will be activated.

This is the short news from the great new baby monitor from UCD:

A REVOLUTIONARY new baby monitor which guards against the risk of cot death and offers parents greater peace of mind was unveiled yesterday.

The device, which will be in the shops by late spring, not only tracks sound but also an infant’s breathing. If respiration stops, an alarm sounds immediately.

The monitor, which is being developed by a team at University College Dublin, also measures breathing patterns so parents can tell whether their child is asleep or awake.

“It means you don’t have to go into the room and check, which can cause the baby to wake up,” said project promoter Philip de Chazal.

The UCD team has also developed a sleep monitoring programme for adults which can track the breathing patterns associated with chronic health problems such as heart failure and the life-threatening breathing disorder — chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Sleep patterns also help track the early warning signs of other diseases including Alzheimers.

Read the full story of this baby monitor here. And if you interested, wait for the product in this late spring :).

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  1. Baby Cute Says:

    Nice article, I remmeber how Britnet treat her baby dangerously, hope she could learn it from this blog 🙂

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