I have a little shock after I read this statement today. I am not just shock but I am angry after i read this statement below from RadioBall

Since my kid would rather scream at me than eat on the days that were home together, I’ve decided to start selling the milk that momma Paxton so kindly pumps for young Oliver. So if you’re a pervert with a breast milk fetish or a kid whose moms teats have gone dry, get in touch and i can provide you with a few bottles on the side for a reasonable fee.

This article was posted in April 13th, 2005 and until now already commented with 1189 Comments, really famous post huh?

Why mom could sell her breast milk to other people worldwide, is that save for our baby to drink that breast milk who come from other mom?I heard that breast milk for sale is already booming from several years ago until now.

There are pro and cons about selling breast milk, but for me, I really disagree with this.I do not want my baby got sick or allergy because he drink breast milk which not come from my baby mom. May be the breast milk is contain dangerous virus like HIV & AIDS which deliver from the breast milk seller. I do not bother if she said that she was really healthy, virus or disease free, not smoking, always fitness, or hundred bla..bla..bla.., I do not care, I am only care about my baby safety.

And How about you?Do you agree with that Breast Milk For Sale? and do you want to try that?

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2 Responses to “BREAST MILK FOR SALE? Why?”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I think the post about it was a bit weird, that whole fetish thing. I know there are reputable places that you can get breast milk from. But I’ll stick to feeding my baby and my baby only. I have no desire to sell my milk or buy anyone else’s milk. If I dry up we’ll switch to formula like we had to do with our older daughter.

  2. Brendan Says:

    Hey Goonie,
    I’m going to guess, from the rather weak grammar in this post, that English is not your first language? If it is, you kind of suck picking up on humor. Being the original poster, I can assure you nothing was being sold; as for the other 2000 or so commenter’s, well they’re all just nuts.

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