Get Printable Bingo Card with 2 easy Steps Using Bingo Card Creator

Do you happy with my 7 simple steps to make your own free printable baby shower bingo game using free online bingo card creator from Do you have been using this service after you read my post and made one or two printable bingo card?

Or you do not have a time to follow that 7 steps to make your own printable bingo card?If you do not like the long steps like that, I have a good news for you. I have found another great bingo card creator which only need 2 steps to follow. You just need to fill the word on the blank bingo card and hit enter, and you will get free printable bingo card for your baby shower bingo games.

This online bingo card creator not like the service from that offer many choice of themes and design, this service only give you plain blank bingo card, so you will not see color bingo card choice here. If you like the simple one, And you will like this service.

I will describe the 2 bingo card creator steps here:

In the bingo card creator First Step: You will see 5 x 5 blank space, and you could fill the blank space with your own word. You could see the example I have made below:

Printable Bingo Card
Fill the 25 blank bingo card space above with your baby shower theme word. After you fill all the blank space, hit the Free Bingo Space and you will go to the second step.

In the second step, you will see the result of printable bingo card which have been filled with your own word that you have been typed in the first step.

Printable Bingo Card 2
In the bottom of the page you could change the word and you could hit “Shuffle”, and the word in the printable bingo card will be shuffled automatically (I really like this service because of this shuffle method).

You could make 10, 100 or 1000 different printable bingo card with this great shuffle method. After you get the result, print the bingo card, and hit shuffle, and you will get the next bingo card, print it again, do it as many as you like to get many different Printable Bingo Card.

I hope you will like this 2 simple step to get your own printable bingo card using Free bingo card creator from Go to the Bingo Card creator now, And make your printable bingo card for free.

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