Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo Game – FREE 10 Baby Bingo Cards

Planing a great baby shower party to the expecting baby is the most wishes by many mother in every country. Baby shower party is a very common party to celebrate or to give a new mother preparation before the due date.

Baby shower party could not completed and interactive is there are no games played there. Many successful baby shower party using baby shower games to make the party more fun and entertaining to every participants.

There are many baby shower games which usually use in the party likes: Baby draw, new mom advice cards, baby scratch-off , baby trivia games, baby names search, mother & baby, we are family, baby picture match game, diaper derby, baby word scramble game, baby shower bingo game and many more…

The very common baby shower games is baby shower bingo game. This is like a bingo in the gambling but it is implemented to baby shower.

How to play baby shower bingo games?

Here is one sample of baby shower bingo game rule which you could use in your baby shower party games:

  1. Give the Printable Bingo cards to each of your baby shower participant.

  2. Give them a marker like pen or pencil to mark the baby gift name in the bingo card.

  3. Tell the rule how to get “Bingo” and win the bingo game with the some predetermined pattern which you choose before the bingo game begin.

Here are some predetermined pattern choice to win the Bingo game:

    • Win a Bingo if all item is marked.

    • Win a Bingo if the get straight line: Vertical Column, Horizontal Row, or Diagonal

    • Win a Bingo if get shape which you have determined like: “X”, “=”, “L”, etc.

Pick the One rule above before begin the bingo game.

  1. Expectant mother will open the baby shower gift one by one, and participant guess the name of the gift and mark down the bingo card.

  2. The First Participant which got the predetermined shape above will call out “Bingo” and win the bingo game.

  3. Give the winner with money or souvenir.

  4. Let’s Play Baby bingo Game!

That only one sample rule of baby shower bingo game, you could make something different there, be creative Mom :).

Where you could get Printable baby shower bingo games for your baby shower party?

There are many shop offline or online that provide printable baby shower bingo game with the reasonable price. But you could get free printable baby shower bingo game here. I have made one sample on baby bingo which could you download it and just print out it for your own use free of charge. But i am sorry if the quality is not High like the non-free baby bingo.

Just Download the gift from me with “Right Click and Save As” the Image below with your computer mouse. And enjoy the free printable baby shower bingo game from this baby first year blog.

Free baby Bingo Game

If you have much time, you could make the baby shower bingo game with your own hand and your own creativity. Just use your favorite word processor in your computer or use free online word processor, and make the bingo as many as you can, with your own choice of the color and design, try to syncronize with your baby shower party theme. Happy party Mom!

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